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Vodka Cherry Pokeballs by BigEatsBen

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The saddest part of a break up.



I feel that the part the hurts the most is the thought or idea of that person being with someone else. Someone else is going to make her feel the way you once did. Someone else is going to do the things you couldn’t do. Someone else is going to make her happy, because you couldn’t. Someone else is going to be telling her “I love you”.

Or maybe, someone else is going to hurt her and you just can’t do anything about it. 


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Jael I’m obsessed with this instrumental I can go on and onnnn

oh dear.

I wish I could sing.

lord have mercy on your soul girl. vibe ♥


that’s actually a  pretty cute tanktop tbh 


that’s actually a  pretty cute tanktop tbh 

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|A`) 引き抜きたくなるw


|A`) 引き抜きたくなるw

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Just look into her eyes.

I’ve recently been called a junkie.

It kind of hurt my feelings a little bit. The reason is, obviously I did’t agree or want to. It’s not a compliment in any way. BUT I did come to a realization that I do talk about drugs a lot. I also do agree that I probably have tried/do a lot more other stuff than the average kid. I guess, it’s all on perspectives so I could be a “junkie” to some people, but to others they have a more understanding, and would agree that I’m not at all that bad. But we all have friends that are more open minded than others.

Well here’s my stand point. I’m very open about talking about drugs because I feel like it’s just another substance such as alcohol. In my mind, alcohol is just another one of those type of things we take to escape from the reality of our work and school and daily lives. I like to talk about my experiences with the stuff I’ve taken, if I had a good time or bad. I feel like most people stay away from some stuff because they’re only aware of the negativity or risk. If I enjoyed something so much, wouldn’t I want to share that feeling? I sound like a bad influence right now don’t I? haha.

I’m not saying, I’LL DO ANYTHIGNG. There are stuff I know to stay away from, or aware enough. Of course you gotta do your research. But I’m very open minded about trying new things. I do respect the people, that don’t fall into the influence and peer pressure, that’s your decision. BUTTT as a friend and a very selfish person, I would like to open your mind to an experience you COULD be enjoying. haha  

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